Our Story

Natural ingredients, well-being and positivity have always been at the heart of Gina’s Tan, so it makes sense that our tanning journey began in a garden log cabin twelve years ago.

Quickly finding that customers sought the unique blend of a home-grown approach and luxurious results, our founder, Gina, expanded into Tan Fab Easy. Cultivating a tanning sanctuary from an industrial estate, Gina proved that fearlessness and innovation were at the heart of the business: this was the first ever salon to work out of such a location in the area! The brand flourished. Following Tan Fab Easy’s success, Gina’s Boutique, our fashion branch, was launched.

More recently, after a bout of ill-health, Gina stayed true to her brand’s wholesome beginnings and dedicated herself to promoting a safe -tanning ethos. The Gina’s Tan range was born.

We encourage exceptional tanning with the health and wellness of customers at the forefront. This is where we find you today: the perfect combination of beauty and health.